Fallout West Virginia

Emerge into Appalachia with two vault dwellers trying to make their way through the wasteland. Explore West Virginia to discover what dangers live among the hills.

About This Project

Let me start by saying that in West Virginia, where we are from, they barely have people and or food haha. The common joke about our state is that half of the people in the country aren't aware that WV isn't just the western part of Virginia. So you can imagine the surprise, and excitement when we heard the news of the new multiplayer Fallout Game being based in West Virginia. We absolutely had to take advantage of the immediate opportunity Fallout 76 provided us. 

The irony in all of this is that we had just finished filming another Fallout Video a few months prior that was literally so challenging that Fritz joined the military as we questioned how good we actually are at making content lol. So 3 months after having a horrific experience filming ANOTHER FALLOUT video we just casually decide to make this one. Fuck it right haha. 

This project was filmed primarily in two locations. Most of the scenic overlook or nature-type shots were filmed at the peak of Spruce Mountain in the Monongahela National Forest. The peak of the mountain, Spruce Knob, is the highest point in West Virginia. I don't have a significant amount of pride in my home state but I have to admit that Spruce Knob is absolutely worth traveling to if you're within the tri-state area. 

We do so many projects in state or national parks which is great because we are broke 20-something filmmakers haha. But it can anxiety-inducing to be carrying fake guns and acting out combat scenes in public places like this. For that exact reason, you will notice how little of our combat happens outside of easily controlled environments. You'll read later how that didn't make things better haha. But the location was perfect for what we needed so we went. Something I'm slowly learning is that if you have a location that fits the need for your project, it doesn't really matter how far it is away. We drove 3.5 hours to this park there and back. There is always a way to make it work and in our experience, the travel is always worth it. 

The rest of the short was shot in an older, mostly dilapidated hotel in Clarksburg, WV. We have definitely told the story on the podcast but when Rylee and I found this place we were held at gunpoint by the police for breaking and entering lol. We got permission to do everything we were doing from the owners of the property but I guess this place was abandoned for long enough that when cops saw people through the windows they just assumed we were homeless guys blowing each other haha. So 25 minutes into our location scouting Rylee and I are standing with our faces pressed up against the exterior wall of the building as the police questioned us with guns to our backs. If you are new to our site I am begging you to find pictures of me and Rylee immediately. I look like James Franco took estrogen there is no way they believed I was a real threat hahah. 

I also want to touch on how nice it is to use dilapidated properties in your short films. Having the creative freedom to do the sign where a character punches through a wall and grabs our protagonist is awesome. No heat, no electricity, but all the drywall we can punch sounds like a good location to me lol. 

Ultimately this project went better than anyone could have ever expected and as it currently sits, this is the video I am most proud of on our site. I want to say thank you to Mikey Damico who helped us film this project on his Canon C200. Along with our lifelong friend Holden Frasier for acting in this as our knockoff Chris Evans.


In July 2021 we are including the original Fallout Video that we shot before the announcement of 76 to our Youtube Channel. If you are reading this and it is after that date please check it out! We didn't spend 3 years editing it for nobody to watch it haha. Thanks for your time.  -Morgan

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