The Last Of Us On The Run

Immerse yourself in

the Last of Us universe 

following two survivors 

that are on the run from a group of bandits.

Will they run into

anything else?

About This Project

Imagine two guys, Adam and Fritz, walking along a small stream with a little waterfall (featured in the video) and suddenly the thought occurs, as it always does, we want to do a post-apocalyptic film right here.  So we did … eventually.  Last of Us On the Run took around 8 months to finish from pre-production to completed product.  The process all started on that walk through the woods, at first we weren't even thinking about The Last of Us the idea.  We had done two previous post apocalyptic films based off the series Fallout.  Fallout, as any one who plays the game knows, is not very green or West Virginia like, which is where DriveByDogs was based. We had to come up with a different concept and honestly the first thing that came to my mind was to create an original idea. We eventually landed on The Last of Us because we wanted to do zombies, and also we wanted to see if we could make a clicker.  It also didn't hurt that the environment design of the Last of Us is also very green and run down which is exactly what we have around in West Virginia. 


The process started off slightly differently than our usual film. We started with the practical make up and making the clicker costume before anything else.   Fritz and I used expanding foam and played around with that for a few months in the winter, which if you are working outside or in a garage like we were is not a good idea because it does not solidify at all.  Creating the entire clicker masks took all the way up to the day before filming and is probably the thing that Fritz and I are the most proud of.  


The entire film took two days to shoot.  I was actually working an overnight job on the weekend we shot this and I think that just about killed me, but it was absolutely amazing at the same time.   There is something about pouring your heart and passion into something for so long and then to see it all coming together in such a short span of time that fills you with a high sense of pride and accomplishment.  There is nothing like filmmaking in my opinion in how creative and just fulfilling it can be. The Last of Us was a massive project that came together in a timely manner compared to other projects of that size that I have been a part of.


After the two intense and fun days of shooting, the editing process was daunting but such a learning experience.   Fritz and I had no experience with After Effects and how to effectively do gunshots, tracers, and other effects.  This project is when Fritz and I grew the most in that category and learning together just made it both exciting and frustrating.  


Sony's The Last of Us developed and published by Naughty Dog is an impressive series that even to its last release of Last of Us Part II has pushed the envelope in storytelling and gameplay. While our short film Last of Us On The Run may not push the envelope of filmmaking at its core.  It taught me so much, and I will take it with me for the rest of my career.  Thanks for reading and watching the video.


-Adam Roche-Higgins


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