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Fritz: The beginning

Hello travelers! Welcome to my introduction! My name is James Fritz. I'm 23 years old, I play way too many video games, and I love filmmaking. Ever since I was handed my first camera, I’ve been inspired to make films. I discovered a beautiful site called and was blown away with how people were making content about their favorite movies, video games, and anime. It really piqued my interest and made me want to make something of my own. On March 1, 2009. I started my own YouTube channel called Klonesixfour. I loved filming Lego Star Wars stop motion films and uploading them to YouTube. I poured my heart and soul into three minute long Lego

battles. (Sadly as an angsty teen, I felt embarrassed by them and deleted them from YouTube.) Later, I started working on a couple different projects that never got off the ground including a Call of Duty short, a Zelda film, and more Star Wars projects.

When I was in the 7th and 8th grade I joined my middle school video club. That class was another turning point that shaped me as a person. It inspired me to learn film and to always improve myself. I learned how to better shoot my films and how to edit them with the proper software. Middle school is also where I found some of my best friends: Nikolas, Adam, James, and many others. I convinced my friends to join the video club with me. We all loved watching YouTube videos from content creators like Rocketjump (aka FreddieW) and Corridor Digital. We started on our big project called Cardboard Fallout. (Note: We had no prop guns so we made guns out of cardboard and asked the school if it was okay if we used them) We put a full school year of work into this project just to accidentally erase it all…

But we did not lose hope. When we started high school we all wanted to continue making films together. We started a video club after school. On Nov. 29, 2012 we released our first video, called G.I. Scouts, to the YouTube channel Klonesixfour. It was beautifully awful, but we were proud of ourselves. We proved that we could make videos and not be complete idiots. We pushed forward from there and made more and more films. Some original, some based on our favorite video games. In two years we made 17 videos (some better than others).

But after my sophomore year, I had to move. I was a military brat born and raised. My father was in the Air Force and our family moved every three to four years. You get used to it, but I didn’t let it stop me from pursuing my passion.

Thank you for reading my intro. Check back next week where I’ll share how I kept making films after moving and how I discovered Drive By Dogs!

Here is my cat.

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