• Ian Whitefield

WOW! This Easy BEAT SABER Trick Will Make You A Pro In MINUTES!

"When the opponent expand, I contract.

When he contract, I expand.

And when there is an opportunity,

I do not hit, it hits all by itself."

- Bruce Lee

equipped with only a pair of polychromatic energy blades, I was facing a challenge unlike any I had faced before

a dark corridor stretches out before me

rays of neon light cut through shadow & dance around the open space

I peer into the long dark ahead & listen closely to the quietly building sound of music

a soft acoustic guitar rings in solitude from deep within the rumbling dark


it’s coming

I feel the fear begin to bubble in the back of my throat, so I swallow hard and grip my weapons tightly

I look as deep into the dark as I can, and feel the shadows shift around me

Suddenly, a bright blue object appears in the distance, and zooms toward me with incredible speed.

a projectile!

I have to think fast, so I do.

With a panicked flick of my wrist, I slice the projectile just in time before it reaches me

the sound of an electric guitar plays as the blade cuts through the projectile

the ringing tone has all the makings of the start to a really solid guitar riff, but before I have the time to vibe, I notice another block hurling towards me.

the next note in the riff approaches

as it moves towards me, I take mental note of the white arrow on the face of the rapidly approaching block.

the arrow indicates a weak spot on the note block. The only weak spot.

If I want to deliver an effective blow, I must swing my blade in the corresponding direction of the arrow.

the block is blue.

this means that I must use the blue sword located in my (already swung) right hand to cut through it.

to pull off such a maneuver, I have to quickly transition from the upward stroke of the last swing, into the beginning of the next, downward swing.

all I would have to do is use the inert-

the block hits me.

I wasn’t fast enough.

a large red X bursts from its impact point, & my self worth, confidence, & overall emotional state all take a cataclysmic hit.

the note is missed, & I know I can’t afford many of those mistakes.

another note comes


another one


as the block splits, the synth starts to build

I bathe in rhythmic digital noise

I slice through the waves of notes

trying hard to maintain focus as the tempo builds

higher and higher

shit shit shit

Bass Drop.

suddenly, a swarm of notes are flying at me in a visual barrage of blocks and arrows

I try to process all the different arrows and swing in accord with the color and direction of each, but they are far too fast and numerous.

swarmed by notes, I thrash my arms about wildly in an attempt to cut through as many as I can but in a stuttering collapse of rhythm and melody, the dissonant notes fall into a horrendous mess of screeching noise.

It’s over

the rhythm murmurs through my heart



How many attempts is that?


maybe this whole Video Game thing isn’t for me

maybe whether it’s virtual or not,

the reality is I'm incapable.

I take the headset off,

The walls glow with the cold first light of a cloudy morning

my eyes recalibrate to the dirty textures of this hollow world

No game over screen here

The sun keeps on rising

I keep on not dying

Another sunrise buries the things I figured out the day before

Forgetting and remembering

The true state of all things

A truck drives by outside

Water drips from the tap

the anxious buzz of incandescent lights

the everyday sounds of the inescapable now

It doesn’t vibrate with energy

It doesn’t hum with peace

It just drones with a shallow indifference

meaning is a sweater you have to knit yourself

I spend a few hours on my porch

drinking coffee, reading poems, and staring off

Then snapping back to urgency,

I make breakfast

I do laundry

I clean my room

I put the headset back on.

A dark corridor stretches out before me

Rays of neon light cut through shadow & dance around the open space

I peer into the long dark ahead, and listen closely to the quietly building tones of music.

A soft acoustic guitar plays in solitude from deep within the dark.

Here comes the first note. X

I missed

The second note approaches.

Its blue

Arrow points right

I swing the red blade left


Third note approaches

I cut it perfectly

The familiar tone of that guitar fills my ears